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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Home Stretch

The shows are over.  The time to prep your gear should be almost done. New line is spooled, reels oiled and greased, boats are getting prepped and the chatter begins!

I have my email lists loaded, the "emergency" list sits in front of me as I type and the calendar is filling up quickly for early season stripers.  There are still some spots, but it is on a first come first serve basis.

No worries if you don't have a full party as there is also a running list of open boat members that are willing to share the cost upon your request.

If you signed up for my email list, you will be getting the early alerts for the fishing reports (one of the benefits of seeing me at the show).  So lets get our game faces on and start to be extra nice to our significant others.  Dinner, movies, special date nights... whatever it takes! They need to be ready to not see too much of us for the next 7 months!  Game on.

Capt. Brian

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Last Show and Then Game ON!!!

Just a reminder to those that are planning on attending this weekend:

This weekend is the 2014 New England Saltwater Fishing Show. Come visit me at booth 1205! This winter has been long and cold and I'm sure you feel the same excitement as I do regarding the upcoming season. Stop by and lets discuss how I can help you create more memories on the water - Fly Fishing - Light Tackle - Casting Lessons, PGS is the place to look. I will have Lowrance units on display, authentic Fish Prints, Gift Certificates for a limited number of guests and a whole lot of excitement for turning your next fishing trip into one of your greatest experiences.

Here are some things that are not posted on other sites (i.e FB)
Gift certificates just for joining the Fish Report List
Open Boat dates
"Fish Emergency" short list
Fish Prints done for your trophy fish... By me. Examples will be at the show.

I encourage you to visit other booths, check them out and ask a ton of questions. Then come and visit me.  At the end of the day, I know I work harder and offer you more which is why I love my job!  

Saturday, March 8, 2014

New! Saltwater Sportsman's Show 2014 Providence RI

O.K, so you have seen the overly redundant presentations offered that give you the tidbits, the "enter a raffle for a free trip" gig, the "show Special thing" and so on and so on.  Well, I am not going to do that. Thanks to all of my great clients of the past and thanks to their referrals, my company stands behind its quality and productivity moving forward.


You are going to have to stop by booth 1205 on March 28-30 to find out!! This is fun, big and worth your price of admission to the show! If you know anyone who is into fishing, have them stop by, say they saw the post on my site and get the benefits!  Everyone who mentions this will get a nice surprise to say the least.

The only reason I am not posting it on here is that there are too many followers. Trust me, it will be worth your time to stop by and just say hello.  That I guarantee.

Capt. Brian

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Fly Rod is done!

Here are just a couple of shots of the completed fly rod. This kids gonna have one unique rod when he is older!

Monday, February 24, 2014

Rod Building time!

So as part of my blog, I figured I would take you through my journey of building my son's first Fly rod and Spin rod for his first birthday in April. Yes, I know he will be too young to use them but this is kind of a tradition in our family so I wanted to continue it. With this being my first rod build, I am sure I will be making some mistakes along the way. I am not going to bore anyone with how to build a rod, rather just share some photos of the progress.

The Fly Rod will be a 5'7 small stream rod (just like my dad made me). I chose the St. Croix SC2 Graphite, fast action 4-8 lb blank.  It is a solid blank that I won't mind putting some split shot on if he wants to dunk a worm every now and again! This rod was purchased from Anglers Workshop.

The spin rod is a Batson Rainshadow (IS661) in 5'6" 2 piece. Rated for 2-6 lb test, this will be a dual fresh and saltwater rod so the components will match.  I purchased this rod from CMS tackle in New Bedford with the help of Eric (great guy to work with and very patient with new builders).

If you have any questions on any of the photos, let me know. Otherwise, just enjoy the images of the progression as I am sure I am going to!
Bryce, the soon to be owner of my first custom rods. I am hoping to have them completed in time!! 

Monday, February 10, 2014

Sounder Setting on the Lowrance Gen 2

So a great follow up question came in after the structure scan blog went out. How about some general information on the Sounder settings?
Good Idea. I think the best way to show this is by example.  I will use two of my screen shots to discuss this topic.
In the above photo, taken from Mt. Hope Bay, you can see on the screen some of my settings. I am at 200 KHz, common for fishing. I also keep my sensitivity at -2% to -3%. To me, this gives the best clarity on screen to "weed" out background noise and pull fish images clearer. Since the fish were in depths of 70 ft (you can actually see my sinker bouncing at 75 ft prior to the strike on live Pogi... the point where all of the fish converge), I needed to get a gauge on their exact location as we were in a channel. So I combined my sonar with my structure scan/downscan to identify they were moving to my starboard (towards the edge of the channel on an incoming tide).  If I showed you my other images of my chart (which I won't for secrecy purposes), this will all confirm this point.

Here, we identified the Pogi/Bunker ball in the middle of the channel. On my structure/side scan you can see clearly the ball, where it is on my boat and the depth of it. This goes along with my last blog as to why you absolutely need structure scan if you want to find fish.  This ball is over 25 feet in depth, yet on my sonar, it barely shows up. Why? Well, looking at my side scan, you can see that the ball is off to my port side. The image you see on my sonar is what is captured "underneath my boat". The bait however is NOT underneath my boat so all I am seeing is the last edge of the ball! Remember, the side scan uses a different transducer so the cone angle is different on each one.

One of the biggest areas to play around with is your sensitivity and Palettes. Find the best one for your environment. When I bass fish, I like the sepia color with -2%. Tuna fishing, I switch to the blue palette and go to -1% or 0 as I want to pick up as much as possible.  
I hope this shed a little more light on your sounder settings and can get you into fish with your new Lowrance Gen2 unit.  Remember to hit up the boat shows and speak to a pro staffer in person. Nothing beats hands on training!

Thanks for the great feedback on the blog. I hope I am helping at least one of you!

Capt. Brian

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Providence Boat Show Article by Dave Monti

I have to admit it always feels nice to be quoted by a reporter and have it done correctly. Dave Monti did a nice job with the article and actually quoted me word for word on how to use and learn your new electronics. Thanks Dave!  If you buy new equipment, don't wait until the season starts. Hook it up, grab a drink and learn it! You Tube is a great resource. For us, Navico has some very helpful videos and we will be putting out more this year. With the great deals going on now and the cold nights, there really is no excuse not to learn your equipment.